The Best Online Certifications

Choosing The Right Online Certification ProgramWhile it is true that you want to be able to study a topic that is of interest to you, at the same time, you want to receive certification in something that is relevant to work. In other words, if there are no jobs available for ancient calligraphers, you will want to rethink your employment and educational strategies.

Basically, you should research so that you know what industries are hiring and what certifications you might enjoy learning. Together, you will come up with your best option.

To get you going, what we have done in this article is provided the top paying online certifications and why you should investigate the job market in your area. You might be able to sync up an employment need with one of these certifications. And that would be an added bonus to your education.

#1 Healthcare Professions and Hospital Jobs

Several certifications fall into this category and they only require a year or two of education in order to qualify. Salaries range from $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the field, and of course, the individual employer. Most, if not all, will require a High School Diploma.

The specific positions are EKG/ECG Technician, Cardiac Sonographer, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Vascular Technician, Cath Lab Tech, Respiratory Therapist and ARRT Registered Technologist in Radiography. Remember also, that you will need to take the courses through an accredited program that the potential employer will approve of.

#2 Information Technology (IT) Certifications

In this field, many surveys have shown that 60-75% of employers will require a certification in order to choose between potential job candidates, determine whether a candidate has the required expertise and knowledge, and may even require the certification for specific job roles.

The top five certifications are Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization, CompTIA Security+, GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator, Certified Computer Examiner and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate (Cloud).

#3 Construction and Engineering Fields

While it may seem that in some areas of the country, building is stagnant, the fact is that overall, growth is rampant. This would be a perfect time to receive certification in Project Management, General Contracting or Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR).

#4 Embalming

Believe it or not, to work in a funeral, you do require certification and when inspectors check, everything must be in order. If you have the constitution to work with dead people and you are not bothered by the environment, then this may be a career choice to investigate.


While we would never propose taking the easy way out of education, we do understand that family obligations and time commitments do make it difficult for millions of people to take an online degree. And while some perceive an online certification course as somewhat inferior, the point of the matter is that those jobs are needed and they pay reasonably well. Plus, the employer does not require a degree program to apply, so it would be rather redundant, and actually inconsequential. Don’t let others tell you that certifications are useless.

Often, people believe that others just collect certificates and that may be true for some people. But, if you really want to get into the work force and you want to feel satisfied from making an honest living, then taking a online certification course in a field that requires employees is the smart thing to do.

At the end of the day, we all want to live at least comfortably with a job we enjoy doing everyday.

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