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CNA Certification OnlineCNA stands for certified nursing assistant, a job which entails many duties such as feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, changing bed linens, maintaining personal hygiene, companionship, and any other functions that is needed by patients and clients that live in nursing homes, attend adult day care centers, stay in the hospital, or even the elderly in their own homes.

Because the qualifications are not as high as a nurse, CNAs are not permitted to administer medications or injections, nor can they change dressings and bandages. And while the profession means helping anyone with a disability, both temporary and permanent, or aiding the elderly to restore dignity and independence, the industry is growing exponentially as the population ages.

Indeed, there are many excellent online schools that offer certification for nursing assistant, but in this article we are going to discuss whether or not you can find a free course, and six benefits of getting a free CNA certification online.

#1 Well-Known Organizations

Some of the most globally known organizations head up excellent classes for CNA certification, one of which is the Red Cross. Having been established over one-hundred and thirty-five years ago, and well equipped to follow government regulations, a two-year certification will include both theory and clinical work.

Upon graduating the course, students will be eligible to take the State Competency Test for CNAs, which is required by law for anyone working in a nursing home. Goodwill® is another wonderful organization that helps to get people back into the work force and offers a free eight week course to become a certified nursing assistant.

#2 Easy and Convenient

By taking the free CNA certification online, you can set your own hours of study along with your job schedule and other responsibilities. Since you don’t have to be available at specific course times, you can take advantage of cell phone apps, videos, sample test questions, and demonstrations. For a parent, this type of set up can be a great way to learn while trying to get back into the work force. The flexibility allows one to care for children and study at their own pace.

#3 Use Course As Preparatory Work

A few companies have created Android apps to learn the CNA course material. The free programs seem to be heavily downloaded, and testimonials indicate that the self studies were instrumental in preparing students for the final CNA exam. They likened the apps to informative study guides.

#4 Stepping Stone

Often, being a CNA gives individuals the chance to see what the field is about. Using their certification and experience as a foot in the door, they might choose to become a nurse or other health care professional. Companies always have postings for different jobs, and workers can quickly decide whether or not they should take another path.

#5 Better Pay

Qualified and educated or certified workers generally earn a higher salary than those without training. For example, a CNA will enjoy a higher pay schedule than a home heath aide because they are qualified to do certain tasks like transferring a patient from the bed to a chair. Without the proper training, the patient could be hurt in the process. Thus, taking the free CNA certification online can lead to a better future.

#6 Save On Tuition

Now, this is a rather obvious point, but if you can take your CNA courses for free or as little cost as possible, that is always a bonus for your budget. Of course, you might need to buy some supplies and a current textbook, but that is insignificant when you are saving on the full costs.

Finally, even if you take paid courses, they will still be much cheaper than taking a nurse’s program, plus the time involved will be considerably less, too.

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Southwest Mississippi Community College shows their teaching methods for nursing assistant students.

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