Maximize Your Studying Online

Lets be totally honest here. For most people, most of the time, studying is not their favorite thing to do. Most of us would much rather be doing a ton of other things than sticking our heads into books, notes, etc for hours and hours at a time.

So if we do need to study to get the grades we would like, then we should try to do it as effectively and efficiently as we possibly can. That way we are not wasting our time but making the best possible use of it. So we can either do less studying or do more and get even better grades.

While hard, focused, concentrated work is the main key to success there are still lots of really useful ways to fine tune the process to make some small but still very significant improvements.

We have created a list of seven ways to improve your studying online. We hope they help you get the grades you deserve as easily as you possibly can.

  1. Social Media is the Enemy!
  2. Tidy Up
  3. Set Goals
  4. Set Rewards
  5. Postit Notes and Flash Cards
  6. Short Breaks Are Important
  7. Be Kind to Yourself

Social Media is the Enemy!

Social media is fine tuned by highly intelligent, highly paid engineers to distract you as much as they possibly can. When you are studying and not enjoying the process you are particularly vulnerable to their powers of distraction. We recommend three steps you can take to help you avoid wasting time on these sites and apps.

  • Firstly shut down all non-essential platforms. Either delete them entirely or just use the “take a break” option.
  • Delete all email and screen notifications. Turn off all email, pop-up, screen type notifications. The world will not end and you will get more studying done. Trust us. Just do it!
  • Find and use a social media blocking tool. Add them to all your devices and do not bypass them. You can find out more on this link…

Tidy Up

Studying is much better done in a tidy organized area. So before you get started tidying up your study room and all your books, papers, notes, time tables etc.

BUT do not use this as an excuse to not get started. Just get things tidy and get stuck in to the studying.

Set Goals

Daily, weekly and monthly goals where appropriate. If you want to study for three hours a day, seven days a week then write it down and keep a note of how well you did.

Set Rewards

For example, if you goal is to work for three hours on your studying. Set yourself a nice little reward. Maybe a nice piece of cake. Or half an hour of your fave box set. Just a simple little treat that will help inspire you to keep going.

Postit Notes and Flash Cards

If there are really important facts that you need to remember, write them on postit notes and flash cards and leave them around the house. These will really help ram home the most important facts and figures that you need to remember. Repetitive exposure is really useful for remembering stuff.

Short Breaks Are Important

While it can be really tempting to tell yourself that the key to studying is working super hard for really long periods of time this isn’t true. It is really, really important that you take the odd short break to let your body and your brain recharge.

Be Kind to Yourself

Try to work hard whilst not being too hard in yourself. You are a human, you will never be perfect. You will always make mistakes and be lazy sometimes. Try to focus on all the work you do and build positive momentum. By keeping positive you can encourage yourself to work harder and more efficiently and that is always a good thing.

Ok, so we really hope that some or all of these suggestions are of some help and use to you. Every little helps and the some total of lots of little changes can be big improvements in results. Good luck with the studying and we hope that you get the results that you deserve!

PS – Check out this video for some more great study tips:

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