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Learn From YouTube VideosIf you want to study online for free but don’t know where to start there is one huge resource that is absolutely great. What is that resource?


Yes that’s right, YouTube is not just about watching cute cats, epic fails and gym idiots. You will be amazed at how much high quality information there is on the site.

3 Easy Tips for Studying on YouTube

  • Doing a simple search.
  • Following the best voices (YouTube and beyond).
  • Engaging and requesting.

#1 Doing a simple search

Pick pretty much any subject that you can possibly think of and do a search for it on Google and you will find interesting stuff to watch. There are some really, really impressive lectures for example from world famous academics and teachers. Not only that but once you find some useful stuff you will find that YouTube offers lots more similar videos for you to soak up.

One word of caution though, it is very easy to find yourself spending a LOT of time on the site! It really is very good at distracting you. So remember you are there to learn and make sure you stick to the good stuff and avoid the cute cat videos.

#2 Following the best voices (YouTube and Beyond)

When you find good channels with good content for your studying make sure you subscribe to the channel This is super easy, just create an account and hit subscribe button. Do this with all your favorite channels and you will get notifications via email when they release new content.

Not only that, most people put links to their other social media profiles on their YouTube channels, so make sure that you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Then you can keep an eye out for anything new they release and keep up to date with the subjects the work in.

#3 Engaging and Requesting

Another great thing to do is engage with them content producers directly on YouTube. Firstly you should remember that most people add content for two reasons. Either they care about it and want people to see it or they want to make money from it (or both).

Either way they will appreciate if you comment on other videos, subscribe to their channels and hit the thumbs up of you like the content. This will encourage them to make more videos on the same subject and then you get more free stuff to watch and learn from.

#4 Examples

So here are some excellent YouTube channels to get you started, please feel free to post your own faves in the comments section below and we will check them out and then add them to the list:

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite YouTube channels for online studying and improving your education.

Video Content
Obviously, any video will do here, since we are talking about all videos in general, but I picked one on cake decorating.

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