Find Free Online Classes?

How To Easily Find Courses On The InternetDigital learning has become quite prevalent in recent years. Even in its simplest form, watching a YouTube instruction video to learn how to do odd jobs around the house has created an opportunity for many people to do things they never did before.

These are all free and can be helpful if you need to hook up a TV, bake a soufflé, write some code for your website, or just figure out how to give your pets some medicine without them going berserk.

Here are some other ways to find free quality education.

#1 Search Engine

Do a Google search for “where to find free online classes” and you will be presented with thousands, maybe even millions of ideas. And, to be honest, the available classes and subjects are not just goofy stuff, it is real useable information from some real credible sources.

#2 EDX Classes

While I was reading the FAQ on Harvard’s site, I came across the edX program which was founded by both Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). When I went to the site, I saw that so many other prestigious universities have become involved. The courses are free and if you want some type of verification for work or another reason like adding to your LinkedIn profile, you pay extra for the certificate. Imagine taking free online courses from a highly-respected facility!

#3 Personal Entertainment

There is a note that should be made at this juncture. When you take free courses, they are usually for your own personal enjoyment and knowledge. These courses do not qualify for credit towards a degree. And, when you think about it, that is only right, because everyone would want a free education, then.

As I continued the search, I saw that almost any topic imaginable was available and you could start at a beginner level or jump to advanced depending on when the courses started. To be honest, even if you never attempted to obtain a degree, you could keep yourself well-educated and your mind sharp by creating your own deadlines and completing courses that can help with many everyday activities. One I looked at was English Grammar and Essay Writing. Another was learning Photoshop CC. And yet another was devoted to Forensic Psychology.

#4 Social Aspects

As I was thinking about all the free online courses I actually took the time to read the summaries and the schools that offered them, I realized how important and valuable the internet really is. Of course, some say we have lost the social value of community, since we no longer meet new people when we attend these courses, but I think we do have the social content, just in another way. We meet the people online and try to help others in the class through other means than face to face conversations.

Indeed, if we can find our way through maze, and focus on something we really relish learning, then a free online education is the perfect way to spend our time. And while the courses might not be the core courses for a degree, many of them are certainly taught by more than qualified instructors and can be valuable for so many reasons.

Why not search the web and find yourself a great course to take and stay on budget at the same time?

Video Content
Even The Smithsonian is part of the edX organization. This video is fun because they study the relationship between super heroes and pop music.

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