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Top 10 ListSadly, many students do not complete their high school years and as a result cannot receive a high school diploma. For most, this will cause problems when trying to get a job or do other things to advance themselves.

While there are millionaires who have have become successful despite dropping out of school, the standard wisdom states that young people should finish their education. The uneducated millionaires are few and far between and of course, not the norm.

To help students become motivated to return to their studies, many schools are now offering high school diplomas through online avenues. There couldn’t be a better time to knuckle down and finish what you started. Plus, complete the classes in the privacy of your own home, so that no-one knows you are older. And, if you don’t have a computer, use the resources at the public library. There is no stigma attached to enrolling for your education.

To make choosing easier for you, we have compiled Ten of the Top Venues for your review.

#1 Northstar Academy

One of the reasons, Northstar receives the first spot is the fact that it was the first and foremost school to gain accreditation to offer online high school diplomas. Going strong for seventeen years with their online curriculum, reviews state that the material, resources and classes are very high quality. They even have a sample course that everyone can log into, so that you can decide whether or not, it is for you.

#2 Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences

The high school diploma is offered through various courses that are geared towards the individual student’s future. For example, the job the student wishes to apply for, the college degree that will be completed and the personal goals of the student. Other activities include language clubs, technology initiatives and an Honors Program.

#3 Penn Foster High School

With credentials that date back one-hundred and twenty years, as well as the biggest high school in the US boasting some forty thousand students, Penn Foster offers approximately one-hundred and fifty courses and aims to make the completion of the high school diploma very affordable. The classes are also very flexible, as students can enroll anytime of the year.

#4 James Madison High School

As a division of Ashworth College, this online high school has the infrastructure in place to help thousands of students obtain their high school education. Classes are setup so that individual students can more or less carry on from where they stopped at a bricks and mortar school.

#5 University of Nebraska High School

The student can choose one of two tracks from UNHS. They can choose to complete general studies for the high school diploma or if they plan to go to college, the courses are tailored to university preparation.

#6 New Learning Resource Online

NLR’s program is catered more towards students that have been home-schooled, as well as those individuals that need more help in completing courses for their diploma. While everyone must pass core competencies, students have the flexibility of taking classes full-time or just on a credit-by-credit basis.

#7 International Connections Academy

ICA is unique in that it offers courses straight from Kindergarten up to Grade 12. They operate in twenty-three states and are classified as virtual public schools.

#8 Greenways Academy

This school boasts a completion on-time rate of one-hundred percent. Students are well-motivated and have access to teachers and resources which allows them to complete their studies in a positive environment.

#9 George Washington University Online High School

While students do receive their training online, it is mandated that staff and faculty know the students. Courses are quite rigorous, yet because of this, students receive a very high quality education.

#10 Stanford University Online High School

There are strict criteria for acceptance into this program, as gifted students will be challenged beyond their initial capabilities. This does leave them in good stead later when being able to prove they have received their high school diploma from Stanford.

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Lastly, some students share their insights into obtaining a high school diploma online.

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