Online Summer College Courses?

Getting AheadSummer courses are great if you want to get ahead of schedule or even if you are a little behind in your goals, you can quickly catch up.

Thousands of college students have been taking courses throughout the summer break for years now. It becomes more popular everyday, so colleges and universities are offering more selections than ever. But are online summer college courses worth your time and effort?

To find out if taking the courses is the best plan of action for you, we will discuss a few pros and cons with enrolling in online summer classes.

#1 Time Commitment

First of all, find out whether taking a course is manageable for you. Determine how your schedule will work with a full-time job, an online course, and anything else you desire to do during your break. The beauty of taking a course online is you can connect anywhere you find some wifi, so basically, even if you are traveling, you can probably fit in the course work.

On the down side, however, if you enroll and never complete the assignments or do poorly on the tests, how will this reflect your overall scholastic performance? Is this course a requirement and would your non-completion result in a fail?

Indeed, you need to understand what you are getting into and the ramifications of that decision before starting.

#2 Course Credit

If you are taking an online course to further your degree, be sure that the course will be accepted as credit toward that degree. Often, if you are taking it from the same university, they are going to permit the credit because they allow a certain percentage of online courses to traditional courses.

But, if you decide to choose a course elsewhere because it is cheaper, for example, you may pay more in the long run, since your degree college of choice has not accepted the transfer credit. As an added precaution, you should seek permission in writing, so that you have at least proof that you inquired firsthand and followed the prescribed advice.

#3 Restricted Classes

Often, some courses are so popular that sometimes, students who need them as requisite studies do not get the chance to take the courses. The courses are restricted to a specific class size and are always filled up. Now, understand that, most colleges do tend to cater to the students that need the course, rather than those taking electives, but still, there are occasions when it is simply impossible to get into the physical course.

In this circumstance, instead of waiting for an opening and potentially delaying your graduation, find out if you can take the same course through the online summer program.

You might not receive as much help from the professor if everyone is doing the same, but at least you can find other ways to get support and still do well in the course.


Really, when you think about it, if all things are equal, and there is nothing stopping you academically from taking one online summer college course, then just go for it and get it done. Yes, you may have wanted to bathe in the sun or laid in bed until noon, but do your course while you are doing those things.

You’ll actually feel better about yourself and when you are done, will be glad you took the initiative.

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Five good reasons to consider taking online summer college courses.

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