Online Phlebotomy Courses

Online Phlebotomy CoursesAs the health care industry continues to skyrocket in growth, it stands to reason that the field of phlebotomy would also need new graduates to fill positions in expanding hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and doctors’ offices.

In addition to the jobs where phlebotomists draw blood from patients, they may choose to use the certification as a stepping stone to another job in the medical industry. It does provide a certain level of hands-on experience which is beneficial to other positions.

Whatever reason students choose to take the program, due to the great demand for phlebotomy technicians, many more online schools are offering the three month program.

Consequently, there are six good reasons to take the online phlebotomy courses.

#1 Quick Course With A Career

Indeed, there are not many careers out there that are waiting for graduates of such a short term program. Phlebotomy is one example, as students can receive certification as early as completing one month of online education. Convenience is offered as well, if students have jobs and need to do the courses only on the weekends.

In this case, the certification will take three months to complete. Still, this is very fast and can have you applying for jobs in no time. If you work for a hospital, for example, and they have posted a position, you may qualify if you are taking online phlebotomy courses.

#2 Comfortable Salary

While you won’t get rich, you can live quite nicely on the salary of a phlebotomist. Various facts and figures are regularly compiled by the Bureau of Labor, and they have found that the average salary is in the $34,000 range. Additionally, for 2016, phlebotomists were considered one of the fastest growing segments of the workplace. Considering everyone says that we should go to school and find a career, this would be a very nice start, for sure!

#3 Integral To Health Care

Drawing blood is something that no health care system can do without. Blood is important for many reasons such as:

  • to determine a person’s health profile and whether or not they have any infections, diseases or abnormalities,
  • to donate to a blood bank for the reserves,
  • to be used for transfusions for oneself and strangers,
  • to gather information for research on specific illnesses or conditions to create vaccines,
  • and to evaluate the efficiency and general heath of certain organs.

Since blood is essential to life, phlebotomy is an indispensable career, making the online courses more relevant everyday.

#4 Improves Eligibility For Employment

Although some states do not require certification for those individuals taking blood from clients, employers often seek proof of completion of online phlebotomy courses in order to weed out those applicants that are not qualified.

If someone has passed the course requirements, an employer knows that they understand the job and should be able to conduct themselves accordingly. It also shows the individual’s determination to make something of themselves and to upgrade their qualifications.

#5 Opening Sectors In Economy

Where other jobs are being downsized and eliminated, phlebotomists will always be needed unless scientists find some futuristic way of taking blood. Couple that with the fact that the population is growing exponentially, and unknown diseases are cropping up, the need will continue for a long time, most likely until a student retires.

#6 Online Phlebotomy Courses

As with most fields of study, taking a program in phlebotomy is available online, too. In order to complete the final certification, however, experience will be required on-site in a laboratory, clinic or hospital setting to determine whether or not your collection samples are done correctly. But all of the theory material will be done online.

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