♥ About Myself ♥

Hi ~ I’m Sara

Having just finished online school not long ago and wanting to help others, I decided to start this website.

I am going to show what classes and certifications exist. Please read farther down on this page where I talk about the site contents.

Many people do not realize that plenty of colleges and universities now offer their curricula online. It is even possible to take enough course credits to graduate.

certificateOnline classes are much more advanced than the previous correspondence courses you got through the mail. Today, there are computer labs, tutorials, online meet-ups, and even exams with other students.

And just to be clear, I don’t mean that the old correspondence courses were easier or any less admirable, I am only saying that today there are many more topics that can be taken online. I think there are still some forms of through-the-mail courses, and certainly, if I met anyone who took or was taking one of these courses, I would congratulate them and have the same amount of respect for them as someone undertaking an online degree or diploma.

The truth is I believe that any education in any form is good for us.

  • It broadens our horizons.
  • It makes us think and maybe become more logical.
  • It gives us a goal to achieve or a tangible ending to aspire to.

I would also like to show that getting certification online is just as hard in terms of workload and has the same rigorous requirements. Yes, it is true that you don’t have to attend classes, but that doesn’t mean your time is spent doing anything other than school work.

For me, one of the biggest benefits was not having to take the bus or get cabs to school. I could have never afforded either, plus the late nights would have meant there was no bus, and it was too scary being out that late alone.

Anyway, other things that I enjoy are my part-time job at the local pizza shop where everyone gathers to socialize, spending time with my nieces, and making patterns for clothing in a fashion show.

Now, some might ask if I went to school, how come I work at the pizza place? Well, that is simple! I love the camaraderie of all the customers, since everyone is local. Plus, I have known the owner’s family all my life. I work my real job during the day but then in the evenings and on the weekends, I socialize and serve pizza.

♥ Key ♥ Points ♥ About This Site

Online Education ~ Study and Succeed

Every article written here will have something to do with learning through the internet.

Girl Completing DegreeWhether it be:
♥ providing you tips to study more effectively,
♥ finding a work space to dedicate to your lessons,
♥ learning how to choose online courses,
♥ researching the best long distance learning facilities
♥ and understanding the types of certifications and degrees that are available.

These pages will become a treasure trove of information, facts and tidbits.

I started out with a few articles about things that I struggled with and knew that others must be experiencing the same feelings. Because of that, I didn’t want even one person to miss out of taking online courses due to being discouraged before they even started. And for those that pay tuition, and shortly later, abandon their studies, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

So if anything I have written here helps students to stay connected and finish their objectives, then setting up this website was so worth it.

Good Luck with whatever path you choose!

♥ Sara ♥

PS – Even Ivy League Yale has online education. Why not have a listen?

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