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Complete A Monthly Bank ReconciliationVery few trades or occupations can boast being thousands of years old. Typically, vocations come as society changes and advances.

For example computer sciences, electrical services, and even many current medical procedures would have been unheard of two hundred years ago. In fact, they weren’t even invented yet.

One career, however, that has always been needed and is still going strong is accounting.

And, since there are many available jobs within that broad classification, if you are analytical, good with numbers, and use logic to sort out money, then you might choose an online degree in accounting.

Sometimes referred to accountancy, others use the term bookkeeping. While today, though, because the whole field includes concepts such as forensic accounting, auditing, and many specializations, the term bookkeeping is not a synonym for accounting or accountancy. It is, rather, a small segment of the total.

In today’s environment, a bookkeeper would be paid much less than an accountant and would be responsible for very simple transactions. Further, traditionally speaking, bookkeepers would not involve themselves with analytics such as uncovering patterns to determine weaknesses and strengths in a business. They also would not be tasked the job of finding fraud and inconsistencies in the ledgers.

Some of the titles accountants receive are Certified Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Managerial Accountant. Simply taking some courses does not qualify an individual to do all types of accounting.

For this discussion, what I decided to do was a roundup of excellent programs from online schools that teach accounting. Here is the top seven list.

#1 Northeastern University

NU offers several degrees and certificates making its accounting department highly sought after by potential students. In fact, so many individuals apply and only a small percentage are accepted.

In addition to the standard degrees such as the Bachelor’s and Master’s, what makes this university unique is the offering of a certificate in forensic accounting, as well as the dual MSA/MBA program. Students complete both their Masters in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration and have the option of a paid internship.

#2 Colorado Technical University

Established in 1965, CTU has received many awards for being the best at “providing innovative learning”, and state that they “are leaders in hybrid and online learning”, which is quite prestigious and an excellent reason to study there. In addition to having the standard state and higher learning accreditations, the university has been certified in several fields such as nursing, business and engineering.

#3 Florida Institute of Technology

Despite the name Florida Tech, this institute does offer other degree programs such as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting, which they state sets the foundation for graduates in preparation for the CPA exam. Courses include humanities, global business, literature and social responsibilities.

What sets apart all online studies at this college compared to other distance learning programs is that every student is required to take the Mastering eLearning credit after enrolling and before starting their main classes. The concept behind this is to help students understand being a student in the online world and how to make the most of their studies.

#4 Regis University

A private institute with a long history dating back to 1877, it would be expected that Regis would make any list about quality schools. With an excellent rate of success with graduates and employment, and financial aid for full-time undergraduate students, taking the accounting program is definitely an advantage. Both master’s and bachelor’s levels are offered, and students can receive a BS, an MS in accounting, or an MBA in accounting.

#5 Liberty University

LU’s online program allows students to receive a full accounting degree (Bachelor of Science) and a Masters in Accounting. While the complete BS will cost thousand of dollars, the tuition here is still considered less expensive than other universities.

One of the main benefits of learning accounting at Liberty is the fact that their mission is to provide a quality education at affordable prices. According to their own website, in 2018, they started offering the e-textbooks free to students in undergraduate programs. The school was founded in 1971 with a campus in Virginia. Today, although there are many on-site students, the bulk of the graduates come from the online courses.

#6 Penn Foster College

Another educational institute that has been around for a long time, since 1890, Penn is popular because many credits can be transferred from other schools, plus tuition discounts are offered to military personnel. Many know the college by its older name which is International Correspondence Schools. At one point in time, a good percentage of the American population had taken at least one course through the ICS banner. Obviously, it can be stated that the school knows how to train and teach students in the long distance learning arena.

#7 Old Dominion University

ODU continually makes many best lists in accounting specifically for their affordable tuition rates. Philosophically, this is the best of both worlds. An excellent education from the The Strome College of Business School of Accountancy, and fees that make that education attainable for prospective candidates. Internships are available for those that qualify, and the classes for bachelor and master programs are offered through ODUOnline.


In conclusion, I admit this is a small list, but it does give you a place to start if you are thinking about enrolling in an accounting program at the undergraduate or post-graduate level. You can compare course titles, tuition costs, program durations, and other factors which will help you make a decision about studying accounting online.

I should, however, mention something about how I chose these institutions. I am sure you have noticed that there are no Ivy League schools mentioned. I did this on purpose.

  • If you endeavor to register at schools such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford and the like, you already know about them.
  • Further, you are also aware that available spots may be hard to come by, simply because requirements for entry can be quite rigorous and competitive.
  • Lastly, it has always been assumed that the tuition fees of many of the old established universities are going to be above the budget of many students.

Therefore, for these reasons, although they are undoubtedly, some of the best universities in the world, they have been omitted from this list.

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If you are not sure about what field of study to choose, here are some great reasons for considering accountancy.

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