The Advantages Of Attaining The TABC Certification Online

TABC Certification OnlineMany laws exist nowadays in regards to the use of alcohol. While it is a perfectly legal beverage, certain acts such as drinking and driving, being too intoxicated at a bar, and selling to minors are not acceptable behaviors, and are, in fact, illegal.

In most parts of the United States, it is also illegal to over-serve someone who has had too much to drink in your own home. Homeowners and those individuals hosting parties can be liable for what an inebriated person does after leaving the home or other venue.

Since society, as a whole, has become responsible for preventing accidents caused by drunks, it is all that more important to obtain the state certification for serving alcoholic beverages. In this article, however, we will discuss the online certification from the TABC, which is specifically the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Hence, we’ve put together six advantages of completing the TABC Certification online.

#1 Job Opportunities

If you work in a restaurant as a waitress or waiter, you might like more variety in your job by serving behind the bar, too. In order to qualify, you must be certified or licensed. Your employer may even offer the online course, as part of your training. Likewise, you may be limited in where you can apply for a position depending on whether or not the venue requires certified candidates only.

#2 Protect Yourself

In the past, employees were cajoled and bullied into selling booze, both for profit and by the customers who wanted alcohol. There was little protection for saying no to someone. With the existing laws and the requirement of TABC certificates to prevent the sale or serving of alcohol to non-members of private clubs, minor children, and intoxicated individuals, employees now have the right and obligation to ask for proper identification, refuse service, and even remove a bothersome customer.

#3 Weddings and Special Functions

Quite a few individuals have started up businesses and made it their careers to service groups holding special events, and wedding receptions where alcohol will be served. Often, a venue will have its own staff available with the proper TABC certification, but still, there are many reasons why an outside individual with online certification would be needed such as a reception in the backyard, a party in the park, or renting a small room or hall. Indeed, it would be a great idea for the hosts, since the individual certified to serve would keep track of the situation. Remember, though, that if you have quite a few people, it may require more than one server to attend to everyone.

#4 Inexpensive Certification

Even if an employer does not pay for you to take the online certification, the fee is so minimal that it would be worth it to complete the course to have the certificate. And since it is valid for two years, you wouldn’t have to worry about it again until close to the expiry date.

#5 Family Gatherings

If your family or friends have a lot of personal gatherings and you want some peace of mind, having someone in the household with a certificate could certainly help.

#6 Fun Training

Many of the graduates of the TABC certification online have indicated that the experience was a fun time. Although there were tests, quizzes, and assignments, everything tied together making the course enjoyable and valuable.

Finally, one last word of caution. Be sure to visit the TABC website to peruse the approved sellers and trainers of the online certification. There are many sites out there offering the course, but are not considered legitimate by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Additionally, there are counterfeit certificates floating around, which you do not want under any circumstances.

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