Personal Training Certification Online: A Fun Career Option

Personal Training Certification OnlineFor many years now, individuals have attempted to get in better shape through home fitness programs and equipment, taking a membership at the local gym, or visiting the neighborhood park for a brisk walk accompanied by the family dog.

As life becomes more sedentary with people working at computers and children playing online games, it is that more important to have some sort of regimen in place to combat illness and maintain an optimum weight.

Of course, we’re not saying everyone has to be skinny, and we certainly don’t mean over extending to the point of obsession, but a few hours a week of exercise and movement can really help our outlook and rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and souls.

As a result, personal training has evolved into a very large industry and obtaining a personal trainer certification online can not only be a fun career option, but it can be profitable and rewarding, as well. Here are some key points for helping you decide whether this program is right for you.

#1 Choose An Online Certification Personal Training Program

In the US, there are five main organizations that offer courses toward a certificate. They include the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT). All are over thirty years old, with ACSM being founded the earliest in 1954, so you know that all are well-established and legitimate.

#2 Pick A Specialty

Each program is a specialization in a different field of personal training, so before deciding where to enroll for the personal training certification online, have an idea of what you enjoy the most. Maybe you have past experience or education that can be augmented with the online courses.

All require an extensive exam at the end of the program, but the length of study varies from from nine weeks to one full year. And different forms of re-certification are completed every two years, depending on the organization.

#3 Apply For And Get A Job

Once you have completed the personal training certification online, you will have a vast array of opportunities from which to choose. Depending on your area of expertise, candidates are needed for hospitals, therapy clinics, gyms, recreation centers, schools and private clients.

Some examples of positions include Yoga Instructor, Health and Wellness Coach, Fitness Instructor for one or more areas such as spinning, Zumba, aerobics, pilates, weight lifting, and strength training.

Non-profit organizations like the YMCA are always looking for qualified and certified trainers for their programs. And lastly, there are large corporations that employ individuals to help their employees on their breaks and after work shifts.

#4 What The Job Might Entail

The functions of a personal fitness trainer are:

  • to teach students the proper and safe use of equipment,
  • motivate individuals, either privately or in a class setting,
  • evaluate patients for therapy, due to an injury or surgery,
  • offer feedback when clients need help,
  • administer emergency first aid,
  • and possibly guide individuals with nutritional advice and even lifestyle changes.

The functions can be very specific or quite broad due to the differing needs of employers. Finally, all trainers should be personable and able to work effectively with many personalities.

#5 Relevant Fields of Study

Since a particular employer will be focused on an aspect of fitness training, having education in that area will help. For example, hospitals may require someone with courses in nutrition, as well as the exercise portion. They may even want to see that the candidate completed some health care related studies.

Before taking any personal training certification online, write out a plan or portfolio of your background. Include everything you have done, courses you have taken, and the areas that interest you. Use your list to find the program or specialty that best suits your needs and prior experience.

Spending the time to complete this step in the beginning can mean a higher pay scale when you graduate and land that dream job!

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Here are some tips to help you study for a certification.

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