Studying Psychology Online

How To Study Psychology OnlineOver the years, people have tended to view psychology courses as the easy way out, meaning that there were more difficult disciplines to study. In fact, lots of students did take the proverbial psychology elective just to get by.

The truth is, however, that like other fields of study, it can be just as rigorous in course work, and for many modern degrees, at least one course must include psychology to complete the overall requirements. But what about taking the degree online? Is it recommended and do others perceive the degree as a joke or a legitimate form of education?

Let’s look at six reasons why studying psychology online is a serious ambition and one that can result in a good job.

#1 Waste Time and Money To Drive To School

Many students taking courses at the college and university level have indicated that there was no actual teacher or professor in the classroom. Rather, they were shown videos as a substitute. If you have to pay for gas or bus tickets to get to class and watch videos, you may as well watch them at home and complete the course work.

Of course, the work load will still be the same with plenty of weekly assignments, term papers or essays, and mid-term and final exams, but by not having to physically get to the school, you will have more time to study online.

#2 Lots of Diversity

The field of psychology is diverse, as you can receive a degree in the areas of health, sports, psychiatry, geriatrics, and child care. Because of this, jobs can be numerous and some examples are in the prison system, aviation, human resources, statistics, neuroscience, substance abuse, and education. Actual positions include:

  • psychologist technician, possibly administering tests, but not interpreting them,
  • guidance counselor for high school age children,
  • social services assistant helping vulnerable members of the community and assessing them for care and aid,
  • mediation,
  • relationship development,
  • aiding with bereavement, suffering from violence, and the aftermath of natural disasters,
  • and even advertising jobs where you try to determine what consumers want by understanding their habits and behaviors.

#3 Refine Your Skills

Studying psychology online allows individuals to hone their skill sets through understanding better:

  • how they themselves cope with multiple tasks,
  • how to research, which can be valuable for many positions in the work force,
  • refining critical thinking in order to give the best possible decision to an employer when faced with several options from which to choose,
  • and improving communication habits.

#4 Pay Can Be Substantial

Although there are many entry level positions paying only about $20,000, there are many more jobs available in the higher income bracket. And even if you started out with the lowest pay and over a number of years, with more experience, advanced into the higher paying positions, having studied psychology online would have been worth it. Quickly perusing the employment ads on several websites, we see that many positions are paying between $65,000 and $90,000 per year to the right candidate.

#5 Predict Human Behavior

Now, before anyone says anything negative here, we are not talking about tarot cards, tea leaves, and crystal balls. What we are referring to is the likelihood that an individual will act a certain way in a set of prescribed circumstances. Studies have proven over again many times that there is a statistical measure for a particular action and this is what is important.

We don’t always know why someone does something, but we can start by looking at previous documented behaviors. In a business setting, for example, Organizational Behavior is an important course to have, since it deals with how employees act in a group or how they will react to a certain policy.

#6 More People In World

As the population increases, more adverse things happen in society. Sadly, this means that psychology is that much more relevant today than maybe one hundred years ago. Wars, random killings, massacres and the like all create a need for the field. Likewise, as more people die from natural disasters, governments and charities need ways to help people deal with the fallout, which is traumatic to face.

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology talks about graduate programs in Psychology.

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