How To Learn Languages Online For Free

How To Learn Languages Online For FreeLearning is such a wonderful opportunity for all individuals regardless of age or prior educational experience. It opens up our minds to new horizons and allows us to fulfill our wishes and dreams.

Of course, for many, it is the stepping stone to a job and possibly a rewarding career.

With the boundless supply of information on the internet, one course that is perfectly suited to learning online is a language.

With all the videos that everyone makes, magazines, newspapers and training material, there is no doubt that anyone can choose a language and find a way to read, write and speak it within a short amount of time.

Of course, you might not be completely fluent, but you could understand enough to go on holidays or maybe pass a job interview. Likewise, you might have met a friend who speaks another language and you want a better way to communicate, so you learn her language.

Whatever your reasons for taking up something new, here are some frequently asked questions about learning languages online for free.

#1 How To Learn A Language Online?

There are many ways of learning a new language; one of them being learning it online. When you search for language learning software or websites or even mobile apps, you’ll see that there are a huge number of them available, all at your fingertips.

Many of these websites and applications consist of interactive and easy learning methods to keep you interested to go further and completely master on the language be it French, Spanish or even Chinese. These consist of simple tests to evaluate you on your progress from time to time and they help you get better and better at reading, writing and speaking the language.

#2 Are These Language Courses Free?

There are many language courses which are provided free of charge like Duolingo, Babble, Livemocha and Busuu in website form. But in some of these websites, there is a paid premium version, so to learn the most advanced sections of the language, a fee is charged.

But learning the basic vocabulary, reading and writing skills are provided in the free version. Some of these language courses are even available as a free mobile app in many mobile platforms like Android, Windows and iOS.

#3 How Can I Choose The Best Language Course For Me?

Since there are a lot of free courses to choose from, it’s going to give you a tough time in making a decision. So down below are short descriptions of a few of the language learning websites.

This is a language learning site, which provides you with writing exercises, new vocabulary phrases each day and also audio recording options. It gives you an opportunity to engage in conversations with other students following the same language course on their website to help improve your speaking skills.

It also consists of an app, which helps your follow the course through your mobile phone. But one disadvantage of Busuu is that to access the grammar section and video tutorials you have to pay and get the premium version while basic language learning is provided free to the users.


This is one of the best language learning sites available providing the users with beautiful graphically designed lessons. It keeps the users interested in learning the language by starting off with simple vocabulary and then progressing into small sentences and grammar. The only disadvantage is that this site only consists of a very few number of languages, all of them being European languages.

Babble is another website which provides courses for many languages like English, French, Danish, Portuguese, and Russian etc. It has over 20000000 users from more than 190 countries. For the people, who learn English on Babble, they even provide a business English course.

They have vocabulary, grammar and speaking lessons for all the other languages. It is also available on mobile devices like Android, Windows and iPhones as a mobile application.

These are some of the language courses available online. It’s your choice to choose the one that suits you and start your learning right away.

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