Forklift Certification Online: Is It For Real?

Forklift Certification OnlineWhen you think about learning how to use a forklift, you don’t reflect upon the theory of the mechanism, you just want to get started using it to complete your tasks.

As a result, it might seem odd to take a certification online, since you cannot physically touch the equipment. Yet, it is true that a forklift certification is available online and is accepted by various workplace safety agencies.

To be honest, understanding the theory is crucial to the safe operation of the equipment in order to reduce injury and deaths. And this is the key to the written part of the forklift certification online.

To understand both the theory and the practical handling of a forklift, also called a powered industrial truck, let’s look at a few points to know when choosing to complete your certification online.

#1 Forklift Certification Is Truck Specific

A forklift is much different than other equipment in that each kind is not just a model version or cosmetic difference. The specifications of one truck over another is not a case of added features.

The differences are more important, since they have to do with stability, balance, lifting, charging batteries, filling gas and diesel tanks, load capacity, and operator safety. Thus, a certification cannot be general nor apply to all forklifts. And an OSHA inspector (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) does make regular site visits to ensure compliance.

#2 Forklift Certification Is Site Specific

Depending on where you work, there may be various regulatory bodies that dictate what type of certification is required. For example, some state laws mandate that certification includes not only the actual online work resulting in a paper card to be carried in the wallet, it also incorporates the physical handing of the industrial powered truck. Thus, the actual location is important, too.

Further, some organizations are more safety conscious than others and this will result in the potential employee training and understanding the rules and regulations of a specific venue. The business, itself, will become part of the actual certification. And companies with warehouses that employ young people during the summer vacation or after school should know that federal law prohibits anyone under the age of eighteen from operating a powered lift truck or riding on it or in it.

#3 About the Online Forklift Certification

The six steps involved in receiving a paper license or wallet card are as follows:

  1. choosing the right program which is OSHA accredited
  2. completing the course requirements which can be done in as little as four hours but could extend to five days of intensive training
  3. taking the forklift exam and passing with eighty percent or higher
  4. completing hands-on training, possibly at the employer location
  5. graduating with approved certification
  6. re-testing every three years or sooner if employment changes

#4 Outlook After Certification

If you find a job with an employer that offers full-time hours, you can expect to earn about twenty-six thousand dollars a year to start. With changing modes of doing business, however, not many people remain on the forklift for their entire careers, but it is still a worthwhile certification to keep updated.

Video Content
OSHA discusses the safety aspects and requirements needed to drive a forklift.

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