Empowering Yourself With An Online CPR Certification

Online CPR CertificationCardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique that allows individuals to help others who are in distress and cannot breathe. This is often the required procedure in cases of victims of potential drownings and heart attacks.

Basically, first responders try to get oxygen to the heart and brain, so that the victim has more time while waiting for continued medical action. For example, until the paramedics arrive and take over treatment with equipment.

Everyone should be able to do CPR, as you never know when you might happen upon an accident. In fact, many jobs require CPR Certification. Even the babysitter certification course ensures that young people learn CPR to help save babies and children, since the procedure is different than adults.

As you can see, empowering yourself with an online CPR Certification can be both advantageous in a job search, and life saving in everyday occurrences.

Aside from the most important benefit of being able to save people, there are several other advantages of completing an online course in CPR.

#1 Videos and Pictures

The internet lends itself well to making and viewing videos, as well as other types of graphics. CPR is not necessarily a theory course. It is completely visual, as students need to understand how to perform the procedure correctly. There is no room for error, so being able to watch others in mock demonstrations is a major benefit.

#2 Courses Offered By Known Organizations

While there are an abundant number of online CPR certifications, some of the ones that are in high demand are St John’s Ambulance, the Red Cross, American Heart Association, and many universities and colleges. While you may wish to take the course for your own personal knowledge, if you are applying for a job, the employer generally requires a specific certification.

For example, the posting might indicate that a certificate following the techniques and guidelines from the AHA is the workplace standard. Thus, before taking any certification, whether well-known or not, find out which ones are the most predominantly in demand.

#3 Varied First Aid

Many courses offer other types of first aid within the same certification. This might include the Heimlich maneuver for choking victims, applying a tourniquet to a bleeding wound, and the differences between techniques for children versus adults. Warning signs of specific ailments might also be discussed.

#4 Inexpensive and Quick

Considering that a life may be at risk, paying for an online CPR certification course is a rewarding investment. It is also a quick course that means you can complete the exam in little time and be on your way. Even if you don’t take the formal exam, the AHA makes it very easy for everyone to learn. They encourage users to download their books and apps and have them available in several formats for computers and cell phones.

#5 Plenty of Resources

Unlike many other online courses, there is lots of information on CPR. Specifically, instructors have built sites to provide sample exam questions and advice. Obviously, this is helpful to you to have an idea of the types of questions beforehand. Plus, if you don’t do well with the online quizzes, you know what more you have to learn and where to improve.

#6 Empowerment

This benefit might seem a bit philosophical, but often, in an emergency, different people say they wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do. For those that experience family tragedies, this feeling can turn into guilt, which is difficult to deal with.

Many graduates of the online CPR certification, however, have indicated that they felt better about themselves, knowing that they could jump into a situation, and potentially help another individual.

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Information about CPR courses offered by the Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

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